• Empowering Legal and Regtech

    A range of cutting edge applications offering greater insights with lower costs.


Real time legal and regulatory data sourced, organised and monitored on a daily basis. Data delivered via alerts and APIs.


Customisable user interface powered by Regsbase for data segmentation, advanced tagging for risk and compliance reporting.

Regulatory Mobile Apps

We build white label regulatory apps to deliver compliance data streams to mobile devices.

Utilising AI for compliance.

We appreciate the regulatory challenges that require a unique solution from firm to firm. We provide intuitively customisable applications powered by a matrix of real time data analytics.


Monitoring regulatory laws and compliance changes 24/7/365


Deck based user interface powered by RegsBase

Regulatory Mobile Apps

Stay on top of your data, even on the move.

About us

We dedicate ourselves to using the latest technology for practical application within the legal and regulatory industry. For over 10 years we have been developing tools for data harvesting, production, analysis and reporting. We apply artificial intelligence techniques and helped organisations source, organise and utilise unstructured information from across their IT environment and the web.

Since 2016 our clients have asked us to build applications to monitor, read and help implement legislations, regulations and industry guidance to help firms mitigate their compliance and legal risks. We have applied our core technology to this purpose and continue to develop products and solutions for companies offering Regtech services. Our purpose is to boost the current supply of Legal & Regulatory technology offerings, with our platform.

We are a team of technology and regulatory specialists. We work with former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers to understand what, why, and how technology can be applied practically, to manage risks while saving time and costs. Our purpose is best served empowering existing Legal & Regulatory technology companies with our core application, leveraging the industry knowledge and experience of our clients.

Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence and vector tagging, we have created a complete regulations monitoring tool to empower your organisation. Request a demo today.

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